An (ERC20) Ethereum Blockchain Token & Browser Mining Utility


How do mining claims work?

Making Claims

You may submit a mining claim every time a script of active cpu hashing power has completed. Click to start mining now.

Where is my deposit?

Once you have submitted the mininmum claim threshold you will automatically receive a payout directly to your designated wallet. Deposits can take 24-72 hours based on system congestion. Premier members receive priority payments during times of network congestion.

What is the reward?

The current reward is 1.0000 CYPT COIN per claim. You receive a payout after you have reached 10.0000 CYPT COIN. We send claims multiple times per week. Premier members can claim 50% faster.  Become a Premier member

Welcome to CryptoLOOT.us, we use Coinhive to mine Monero and in return we pay our users CYPT COIN. Learn About CYPT COIN

Mining is simple just Click to Begin Mining button below, after the mining script has completed you will be sent automatically to the miner claim page where you submit your miner claim for free coin. Mining takes a few minutes to complete and the wait is based depending on the speed of your device CPU. Learn how mining works at CryptoLOOT.us


Abuse of the mining system will not be tolerated. 

The mining system is meant to be a fun way to have mining operations with happy users who can benefit by receiving a payout reward for their time. Users who abuse the system will have their claims revoked and be banned from the system by ip, wallet id, and username. Have fun and happy mining! 

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Mine Too fast or too slow?

Have an average speed device? Mine here

Have a high speed device? Mine here

Have a low speed device? Mine Here

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